Monty: A young Marmot ski instructor that loves to ski all day!

Mortimer: Is on his first holiday in the mountains and is very eager to learn how to ski.

Big D: The larger than life owner of the hire shop. A fountain of all ski knowledge... and a snowboarder!

Holly & Elin: Two of Monty’s friends that love to play, ski and snowboard all day long.

Mummy Marmot: Monty’s loving mummy.

Roy the lift boy: Loves to help people get up to the top of the slope.

You can use a snowplough (pizza slice) shape to ski down a gentle slope and stop.

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You can do snowplough turns on a gentle slope.

You can do turns on a steeper slope and use the lifts without help.

Top Skier! You can ski in control all over the mountain.

What level are you...?