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We are keen to help where we can and have set up a charity fund. Below is  information on why we are donating some of our profits to good causes...

Disability Snowsport UK is a people-centred organisation with a unique sense of purpose: that anyone regardless of their disability can take part in and enjoy the thrill of snowsports.

They have applied exceptional know-how and adaptability for over 30 years to enable those with a disability to experience the joy of skiing alongside the able-bodied.

They provide exciting and life enhancing activities for individuals or groups who require adaptive equipment and/or special instruction and support.


They work with all ages of disabled clients from ages 4 to 84 and more.


Monty the Marmot will help their younger clients and people with learning difficulties understand skiing before they go on the slopes.

Photo: Richard with Paralympian Millie Knight, handing over a donation from sales of the book. Thanks to everyone who has bought a copy!

For further information on Disability Snowsport UK please visit their website: www.disabilitysnowsport.org.uk